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Specific nickel cadmium battery training courses for technicians

The right training dedicated to engineers for proper installation and maintenance of Ni-Cd batteries. 

training course
training course
training course
training course
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Alcad has developed a complete range of training courses specifically aimed at Technicians and Engineers who work on industrial nickel cadmium battery installations and systems.

Training courses cover basic and advanced levels, with a special focus on installation and maintenance guidelines and standards to ensure maximum performance and reliability for power systems.

All Alcad’s NiCad battery training courses include theory and hands-on practice. They can be delivered on a customer's own site anywhere in the world or at one of our factory facilities.

The right training is essential to:
• Ensure that system installation and maintenance practices are safe and reliable for your employees and customers 
• Carry out installation in compliance with the legal safety standards
• Minimize risk of failure
• Properly size the Ni-Cd battery and charger or inverter for each application
• Ensure the correct approach is utilized in problem resolution involving complete system backup

Alcad offers three standard training packages covering most OEM and end-user needs. The Alcad training team can also deliver customized training on request. Please specify your specific training needs in the form below.

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