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Worldwide network of certified service stations

High-standard services whatever your location for reliable NiCad batteries installation, maintenance and repair

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Alcad has a well-established international network of certified service stations.  
Alcad’s worldwide service stations have all been carefully selected.

After passing a stringent internal audit and attending a comprehensive inhouse technical training, Alcad’s service stations receive the certification that allow them to support our customers and represent Alcad’s name.


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Experts at our international service stations support you with a full array of technical services, whatever your location:
- Installation of new nickel cadmium batteries, commissioning and testing 
- Preventive and corrective maintenance 
- Troubleshooting and repair

Local technical expertise at Alcad's service stations provides you safe and reliable installation, optimized maintenance and fast response to faults.

Contact your nearest Alcad’s service station for high-standard service support.

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