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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how Alcad nickel cadmium battery technology offers the best solution for reliable power backup.

man holding a page with question mark
man holding a page with question mark
man holding a page with question mark
man holding a page with question mark

Why Do I Need A Battery?

It is a false economy not to address the threats of a power loss. A battery is the final defense in the event of a power failure and will allow you to:

  • Maintain critical loads
  • Start alternative generators
  • Have peace of mind

Why is the nickel cadmium my best choice?

Your battery is your insurance policy, and nickel cadmium is the most reliable owing to the alkaline chemistry. A nickel cadmium battery gives:

  • Unsurpassed operation in extreme temperatures: -50°C to +60°C
  • No risk of sudden death - or thermal runaway
  • Unlimited storage
  • Excellent resistance to overcharge and over-discharge
  • Low life cycle cost

It's reliable - but how much maintenance will it require?

Alcad NiCad technology provides a lifetime of reliability in return for regular inspection:

  • No special charging equipment needed
  • Easy visual checking of electrolyte levels
  • Minimal topping up requirement - for some ranges up to 20 years' interval in standby applications

Cost of failure? What failure, what cost?


  • Your hospital generator fails to start; penalty - potential loss of life?
  • Your data center without power; penalty - reinstallation and lost business.
  • Your emergency lighting fails during a fire; penalty - potential loss of life?
  • Your process control without power back-up; penalty - no control over shut-down.

But can I afford a nickel cadmium battery?

Can you afford to take the risk not to install the most reliable battery? Consider:

  • The cost for the battery is very low compared to the values it protects
  • Whole life cost is more important than initial cost
  • Long life gives lower total cost and better reliability by avoiding repeated battery replacements

How will Alcad support my investment in my NiCad battery?

Alcad's good reputation has been earned over decades of close, productive partnership with customers worldwide. Alcad's promise is to deliver quality, with:

  • Prompt, decisive service from experienced staff
  • Engineering expertise
  • Analysis and advice on your battery application needs
  • ISO 9001 accredited facilities
  • Worldwide warranty available
  • Full recycling service

What do I do next?

The Alcad international sales and service network is in place to help you:

  • Discuss and formulate your battery requirement
  • Assist in completing purchasing schedules
  • Plan the logistics of your delivery and installation