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Up to 30-year NiCad battery life, even in harsh conditions

Highly reliable & robust Nickel Cadmium battery solutions for mission critical utility installations.


Utilities that produce and distribute electricity, gas and water rely on battery backup power systems to support a wide variety of mission-critical systems. These include the protection of control and switching systems and UPS installations.

Alcad nickel cadmium battery solutions enable utilities to maintain critical loads, start alternative generation and control essential equipment.

Our battery backup power systems ensure high reliability, low to no maintenance and optimized life-cycle costs, even when operating in uncontrolled environments.

Alcad high-performance NiCad battery solutions offer a long service life of over 20 years. It is common to find Alcad battery power backup systems of up to 30 years in the field, even when operating in harsh environments and high ambient temperatures. 


Even at the extremely high temperatures we experience, our Alcad batteries have a very long service life compared to other battery technologies.
Maintenance Engineer – Indonesia
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Alcad - Service brochure

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Compact rack Vantex Datasheet

New Vantex Datasheet

Single Cell Range Datasheet

Product Brochure

ALCAD Slim product brochure

Single Cell Range Product Brochure

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