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Robust & reliable NiCad battery solutions, even in harsh operating conditions

Alcad nickel cadmium battery solutions: the perfect fit for demanding oil & gas offshore and onshore installations


Alcad NiCad battery backup power solutions support vital control and instrumentation systems in oil & gas exploration and production facilities, both offshore and onshore.

Typical oil & gas installations are in remote locations, with restricted access. Therefore, the ideal battery must combine high performance, total reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Alcad's highly reliable NI-Cd battery backup power solutions are used in emergency power, UPS, control and safety system support.

Our robust and high performance nickel cadmium battery solutions offer low to no maintenance and a long service life of over 20 years, even when operating in harsh environments and high ambient temperatures. 

Alcad Ni-Cd battery backup power is the perfect fit for oil and gas installations in remote locations with restricted access. 


Our activities demand batteries with extremely high reliability. Alcad has been providing that for more than 20 years.
Chief Engineer at an offshore oil & gas plant – Qatar
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Product Brochure & Datasheet


Compact rack Vantex Datasheet

New Vantex Datasheet

Single Cell Range Datasheet

Product Brochure

ALCAD Slim product brochure

Solar Range Product Brochure

Vantex Product Brochure

XHP Product Brochure


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