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Instant emergency power backup

Highly reliable and powerful Ni-Cd battery solutions for mission-critical building equipment

commercial building
commercial building
commercial building
commercial building

Alcad nickel-cadmium battery systems offer the reliable backup power that is crucial to ensure the safe, continuous operation of buildings and facilities – especially hospitals and clinics

A sudden power outage can endanger people safety, security or damage critical equipment. 

Alcad Ni-Cd battery solutions provide instant emergency power, ensuring a reliable and constant uninterrupted power supply to mission-critical equipment such as operating theaters, intensive care systems or emergency lighting. 

Our high-performance nickel-cadmium batteries are ideal for cranking an an emergency generator engine – thanks to their high discharge capabilities and the ability to recover their voltage instantaneously.

They are very robust, even in extreme temperatures, offer optimized availability and straightforward installation

Unlike lead-acid batteries, which are liable to experience sudden death, Alcad Ni-Cd battery solutions offer total reliability, a long service life of over 20 years and an optimized TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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