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The latest Alcad news on nickel cadmium battery technology, new product launches and market trends.

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Alcad launches CleverWatch™ as a remote digital monitoring system to boost condition-based maintenance

New system will enable industrial operators to optimize battery fleet maintenance

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Alcad nickel cadmium batteries deliver excellent performance at 99 years old

Tests on industrial nickel cadmium battery recovered from a time capsule at an old Alcad factory in the UK show it can still deliver more than 50 percent of its original capacity

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New Alcad Slim nickel cadmium battery delivers maximum backup in the smallest possible footprint

Slim nickel cadmium battery has the same form factor and simple charging characteristics as valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries with higher reliability, longer life and maintenance-free features

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Alcad battery system provides life-saving power at Thailand’s Siriraj Hospital

High-performance nickel cadmium battery systems ensure continuity of power for uninterrupted care of important patients at Thailand’s leading hospital

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Norco charged with Alcad’s UK battery service for North Sea oil and gas operators

Appointing backup power specialist Norco as Alcad’s UK Service Centre will help North Sea oil and gas operators to keep control of maintenance and asset replacement budgets 

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Alcad batteries at the heart of corrosion protection system on Qatar Petroleum wellheads

The batteries are built to withstand the desert heat, therefore ensure a high level of resilience for equipment in the Dukhan Gas Field.

They are combined with solar photovoltaic modules to protect the integrity of gas wellhead casings.

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Alcad batteries provide earthquake-proof backup to the largest Greek Utility Company

Alcad has won a competitive tender to provide the batteries installed at Megalopolis B power station thanks to Alcad’s reputation for high quality and reliability in Greece

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Alcad batteries provide reliable backup power for unmanned offshore Well Head Platform in Vietnam

Alcad Vantex nickel technology batteries have provided a cost-effective, maintenance- free alternative to VRLA (valve regulated lead acid batteries) for critical UPS systems

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ALCAD reduces installation footprint by up to 50% with new compact battery racks

New rack design to house Vantex maintenance free batteries makes use of space formerly needed for maintenance access

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Alcad wins multi-million euro battery contract for the world’s 2nd largest offshore oilfield

Offshore Oil field UZ750 contract in Abu Dhabi is the largest single contract in Alcad’s history. Multi-million euro contract covers the supply of over 15,000 maintenance-free cells adapted for demanding conditions in remote locations.

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