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Alcad delivers standby battery systems for Petronas’ floating liquefied natural gas facility in Malaysia

New generation Vantex maintenance-free nickel-based battery technology will support critical control and safety functions on the world’s first FLNG facility to start operations.

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Oskarshamn, Sweden, November 24, 2014 – Alcad has delivered a contract worth around Euro 1 million for Schneider Electric to design, manufacture and supply seven large capacity battery systems for Petronas’ first floating liquefied natural gas (PFLNG 1) facility, also known as PFLNG SATU. The battery systems, comprising nearly 3,000 of Alcad’s new generation Vantex maintenance-free nickel-based cells, will provide reliable standby power for critical control and safety systems on the facility.
Petronas is developing PFLNG 1 for the Kanowit gas field off the coast of Sarawak in Malaysia. On its completion in 2015 it will be the world's first FLNG facility to start operations. PFLNG 1 is being constructed at Daewoo's shipyard in Okpo, South Korea. It will be 365 metre long and approximately 60 metre wide, and will weigh approximately 125,000 ton when fully loaded. Once built, the facility will be towed to its location, 180 km offshore of Bintulu, where it will produce an estimated 1.2 million tonnes of LNG per year.

Alcad has provided the seven battery systems to Schneider Electric, the supplier of main uninterruptable power system (UPS) with Gutor technology for the PFLNG 1 project. The Vantex battery systems will provide standby power for the main automation systems, fire and gas detection systems, telecommunications and emergency lighting. In the event of a loss of power from the main generators the battery systems will ensure continuity of operation for between 60 minutes and four hours of reliable autonomous operation.

Vantex offers maintenance-free operation

Schneider Electric’s critical requirement in specifying the backup batteries to support the PFLNG 1 Gutor technology-UPS systems was to achieve total reliability and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO). Compared to lead‐acid batteries, the Vantex new generation nickel‐based battery chemistry offers an exceptionally long and predictable service‐life of up to 20 years, with no risk of ‘sudden‐death’ failure. Under normal operation, the Vantex cells are completely maintenance‐free, with no requirement for routine topping‐up with water. The cells are also easy to handle and install.

Compact design makes optimum use of a restricted installation footprint

An added advantage offered by the Vantex cells is their compact design that enables the battery systems to offer high power and energy capacity within a small installation footprint. This is especially important for the PFLNG 1 project as the facility is much smaller than an equivalent land-based facility, so the designers have needed to take every opportunity to save space.

Alcad has delivered the battery systems and they are currently being installed and commissioned on the PFLNG 1 facility. PFLNG 1 is the second FLNG development in the world after the Prelude FLNG - being developed by Shell and scheduled to be completed by 2017 – that is also installing Alcad battery systems.

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Alcad has long been recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of standby power thanks to its extensive range of battery types, all designed to deliver power, safety and reliability. Alcad’s unrivaled advantages are: reliable cutting-edge technology products, global reach of services, uncompromising focus on quality and over a century of experience. Alcad makes the essential task of sizing, ordering and installation easy. Whatever your location, the friendly and responsive after-sales service, the reliable products and Alcad’s motivated and enthusiastic team support you from the start with an uncompromising focus on quality. Alcad's production sites benefit from over a century of knowledge and experience in nickel-cadmium battery production to supply today’s global advanced technology battery market.

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