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Alcad batteries provide earthquake-proof backup to the largest Greek Utility Company

Alcad has won a competitive tender to provide the batteries installed at Megalopolis B power station thanks to Alcad’s reputation for high quality and reliability in Greece


Paris, 4 October 2017 – Alcad has recently supplied and installed an anti-seismic backup power system at the Megalopolis B power station in Greece, operated by the Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC), the largest electricity producer and supplier in Greece with approximately 7.4 million customers.

The new nickel battery system provides more than eight hours backup time for mission critical equipment at the 300 MW plant, including switchgear, oil pumps and lighting. The battery ensures the safe shut-down of the different installations and controlled switching to backup power generation.

Alcad’s new system comprises a total of 680 cells in two identical arrays of MB765P batteries and has replaced an existing battery installed 27 years ago. PPC selected MB Alcad batteries for their proven high quality, reliability and their high resistance to shock and vibration.

Mechanical strength and robustness was an important factor for PPC as the Megalopolis power station is in an active seismic zone, where earthquakes are common. Construction and engineering codes are structured around earthquake intensity, measured by Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA).

We have a lot of installations in Greece where Alcad batteries have successfully served for more than 25 years.
Pavlos Kantoros, Semicom GP Hellas

The battery installation can withstand an earthquake with a PGA of 0.2g (one fifth the force of gravity), compared with the Greek government’s guideline of 0.16g maximum for the nearby town of Megalopoli. Alcad MB batteries can meet this requirement thanks to a robust construction with a steel pocket plate and tough polypropylene casing to ensure a long life.

Another important factor of the batteries’ performance is their ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The temperature at the power station can vary between 15 and +30 ˚C and although the battery room has ventilation, it does not have air conditioning so the batteries need to perform reliably even at +30 ˚C. Whereas the service life of lead-acid batteries drops away as the temperature rises, nickel technology batteries can withstand exposure to heat for longer period of time. This makes them ideally suited for the Greek climate.

As well as supplying the batteries, Alcad’s Greek agent Semicom GP Hellas, which is an approved Alcad service station, has provided training to PPC’s technicians to understand the best operation and maintenance techniques.

“We need backup batteries to demonstrate long term reliability to give the confidence that emergency systems wil work faultlessly when we need them. We have a lot of installations in Greece where Alcad batteries have successfully served for more than 25 years.” said Pavlos Kantoros from Semicom GP Hellas, Alcad’s Greek agent.

Manufactured in Sweden, Alcad MB batteries are designed to provide reliable backup power for switchgear and other critical equipment. They are available in many different capacities to better match any installation’s power requirements.


Alcad is one of the world's major suppliers of nickel-cadmium batteries for industrial and commercial applications. The company offers an extensive range of cutting-edge battery solutions, designed to deliver high performance, safety and reliability.

With a commercial presence in more than 80 countries worldwide, the Alcad team supports customers with a broad portfolio of services, from initial consultancy through sizing, installation and commissioning to after-sales with an uncompromising focus on quality.

Alcad's long established ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production sites and headquarters in Sweden incorporate a century of knowledge and experience to provide advanced battery solutions for the global industrial standby market.

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