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A responsible corporate citizen

Alcad is committed to protecting and preserving the environment

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Alcad Ltd is committed to protecting and preserving the environment. We are engaged in a sustained effort to use resources responsibly and to act in a way that clearly demonstrates our great respect for the planet.

Alcad's nickel cadmium battery factories are fully committed to continuously improving production processes that respect and protect the environment. Alcad, in strict compliance with the highest standards of environmental stewardship, uses recycled raw materials over virgin raw materials whenever possible, continuously works to reduce plant releases to air, minimize water usage, reduce fossil energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions, and ensure its customers have easy recycling NiCad battery solutions available.

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Alcad supports its customers’ throughout the battery life and recycles spent nickel cadmium batteries as part of its policy of environmental responsibility.

Alcad Ltd has set up a network of Bring Back Points (BBPs) which receive end-of-life NiCad batteries from end users free of charge. These batteries are then shipped by these BBPs to our in-house recycling facility in Sweden or to fully permitted recycling companies, in compliance with the laws governing trans-boundary waste shipments. 

Our recycling efficiency exceeds 75% of the nickel cadmium battery weight (exceeding the minimum recycling efficiency of 65% of lead-acid batteries), and we reuse as secondary raw materials for industry.

Our network of Bring Back Points comprises over 30 entities and provides services in all of our major markets in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. You can conveniently select your nearest Alcad Bring Back Point here.

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