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Outstanding quality & reliability

Alcad cutting-edge NiCad battery solutions exceed standards, benefiting from a century of knowledge. 


Exceeding standards 

Alcad is committed to maintaining its leadership in world class quality, reliability and service by rigorously implementing and exceeding recognized global standards.

Our R&D Innovation center in Sweden

At Alcad, research and development has been the cornerstone of innovation for over a century. R&D teams working at our Innovation center in Sweden continue to transform how we design and produce our Ni-Cd battery solutions, to offer the highest reliability and efficiency to our customers today and tomorrow.

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Best in class manufacturing

Alcad’s factories bring over a century of experience in nickel cadmium battery production to the international battery market. Expert and dedicated employees are employed at the ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certified production sites, thereby ensuring to maintain Alcad’s high manufacturing standards.

Outstanding quality and lasting reliability

Alcad achieves world-class quality through operational excellence, continuous improvement and by constantly exceeding customer expectations.

The experience and the commitment of Alcad’s teams allows us to deliver advanced NiCad battery backup power systems with outstanding quality and lasting reliability that earns our customers' trust. This enables our battery solutions to connect people and touch lives around the world.

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