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Training Courses

Ensure Technicians and Engineers have the right training to properly install and maintain batteries for vital power and power back-up systems customers rely on.

Alcad has developed a range of training courses specifically aimed at Technicians and Engineers who work on or near industrial battery installations and systems.

Training courses cover basic and advanced levels and battery basics, with a special focus on installation and maintenance guidelines and standards to ensure maximum performance and reliability from power systems.

All Alcad’s training courses include theory and hands-on practice. They can be delivered onsite all over the world or followed at one of our facilities.

    The right training is absolutely essential to:

  • Ensure that system installation and maintenance practices are safe and reliable
  • Carry out installation procedures in compliance with the legal safety standards
  • Minimise risk of failure
  • Properly size the battery and charger or inverter for each application
  • Ensure the correct approach is utilised in problem resolution involving complete system back-up

Alcad offers 3 training packages covering most OEM and end-user needs. The Alcad training team can also deliver customised training programmes at customers’ request.

Basic Training

1 Day Package

  • OEM engineering departments
  • How to design and size your Ni-Cd stationary battery
  • Intra- and Inter-company Training

Advanced Training

2 Day Package

  • Installation and Maintenance Technicians and Engineers
  • How to install and operate the maintenance of your Ni-Cd stationary battery
  • Intra- and Inter-company Training

Certification Training

5 Day Package

  • Service station Technicians
  • How to obtain Alcad certification to work at a service station
  • Oskarsham (Sweden), North Haven (US), Singapore (Asia)


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