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Lead Acid batteries

Alcad provides lead acid batteries in ranges that match specific operation conditions and provides different performance characteristics.



BLSe Series


Pasted-plate block batteries

Compactness and fewer connections provide installation cost savings and easy access for testing each cell.

SGL/SGH Series

Planté lead-acid batteries

For critical applications like standby power for data processing, rely on planté’s trouble-free service and life expectancy of 25 years ...

LSe Series


Pasted-plate lead-acid batteries

Offering the best balance in terms of performance, life and cycling, the LSe series is perfect in both single- and ...

SLA Series


Lead-acid batteries

Ensure standby power in constricted spaces with long life, easy-to-install and virtually maintenance-free SLA series batteries.

SD/SDH Series


Pasted-plate lead-acid batteries

Take advantage of the efficient charging, long life, reliability and low maintenance of these general purpose batteries.
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