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Collection Points

Find the Alcad authorized collection partner nearest you. Alcad pays for transportation from these points to recycling plants as well as all recycling operations.

Recycling policy

Alcad has a commitment to environmental protection and is engaged in a sustained effort to improve responsible use of resources and promote greater respect for the environment.

Alcad factories are fully committed to continuously improving production processes that respect and protect the environment. Alcad supports customers’ investment throughout the battery’s life even at the end, when it recycles spent batteries as part of its policy of environmental responsibility.

Alcad, in strict compliance with the highest standards of environmental stewardship, uses recycled raw materials over virgin raw materials whenever possible, continuously works to reduce plant releases to air, minimise water usage, reduce fossil energy consumption and associated CO² emissions, and ensure its customers have easy recycling solutions available for their spent batteries.

Alcad maintains longstanding partnerships with collection companies in most EU countries, in North America and all countries where this system can be implemented. Its collection network receives and dispatches customers’ batteries at the end of their lives to fully approved recycling facilities, in compliance with the laws governing trans-boundary waste shipments.

See our website for the list of collection points to find the one nearest you.
In countries where we have thus far been unable to set up collection sites, Alcad assists customers in finding environmentally sound recycling solutions.
Please contact your Alcad sales representative for further information.

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