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Oil & Gas

Batteries support vital control and instrumentation systems in oil & gas exploration and production facilities, ...

Starting applications

Engine starting batteries play a critical role in the reliable operation of standby generators – ...

Power backup applications

Batteries are at the heart of power backup systems. If mains power is lost they ...

Cycling applications

The complex charge/discharge cycling patterns dictated by irregular and unpredictable weather patterns present a particular ...


Alcad battery systems provide the reliable backup power that is crucial to ensure the safe, ...


Utilities that produce and distribute electricity, gas and water rely on battery powered back-up systems ...


The rail, road and aviation industries demand reliable power supplies to support communications, control and signaling ...

Renewable Energy

The inherently intermittent nature of renewable energy sources requires reliable, efficient energy storage systems to ...


Alcad Vantex New Generation batteries ensure continuity of operation for mission‐critical Middle East installations.

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  • Battery recycling

    Alcad has a commitment to environmental protection and is engaged in a sustained effort to improve responsible use of resources and promote greater respect for ...

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    Ensure Technicians and Engineers have the right training to properly install and maintain batteries for vital power and power back-up systems customers rely on.

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    Alcad pre-sales, sales and service station staff stand ready to serve you wherever you are around the globe.

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    Take advantage of quick and easy access to our new BaSiCs online Battery Sizing and Configuration System.

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